Take pleasure in an unique experience on Sapientza Island, Greece

kri kri ibex

This ibex hunt is different from those experienced by many hunters! When hunting for Kri Kri ibex in Greece, it's a fantastic vacation and also searching journey all at once. A five-day exploration diving for shipwrecks and also spearfishing involves searching for Kri Kri ibex on an exotic island. What else would certainly you such as?

kri kri hunting greece

The kri-kir is not believed to be aboriginal, probably having gotten here on Crete during the time of Minoan human being. Hunting kri kri ibex in Greece is challenging, whether you're a regional hunter or a worldwide one. Searching huge game in Greece is limited, so neighborhood hunters must choose wild boars or roe deer (Kri Kri ibex might just be hunted on particular secured islands). Two islands, Atalanty as well as Sapientza, are 300 kilometres and also 150 kilometres off the coastline of Athens, respectively, where we give the chance to hunt this special creature. According to Greek legislation, the Kri Kri ibex and mouflon may only be shot on special hunting locations from morning until noon. Only shotguns are allowed, and only slugs might be used. You have to reserve a year in advance for these licenses, as only serious seekers are permitted on these journeys. To make sure that only severe seekers come on these hunts, the licenses are released by the Greek Ministry of Nature and also Agriculture and the federal government concerns a particular number of them every year.


The first thing you will certainly discover when you get here in the Peloponnese peninsula is the amazingly stunning landscape. The hills, lakes, rivers, as well as forests make this area a nature lover's heaven. There are likewise plenty of opportunities for treking, fishing, swimming, as well as various other exterior tasks. The Peloponnese peninsula is not just about its natural beauty; there are also numerous historical and social sites to check out. Do not forget likewise angling, free-diving and also hunting. Several of the most preferred tourist destinations in the Peloponnese include old Olympia, Epidaurus, Mycenae, and Sparta. These locations offer a remarkable glimpse into Greece's rich background and society. If you are interested in learning more regarding Greek folklore, then you will definitely wish to go to Mount Olympus, residence of the 12 Olympian gods. Obviously, no trip to Greece would be full without attempting several of the scrumptious food. The Peloponnese peninsula is residence to some of the most effective olive oil in the world along with feta cheese, olives, honey, and red wine. Make certain to try several of the neighborhood specializeds such as dolma (stuffed grape leaves), Souvlaki (grilled meat skewers), and Gyro (meat covered in pita bread).

There is absolutely something for everybody in the Peloponnese peninsula. Whether you have an interest in background as well as society or nature and exterior activities, this is an ideal location for your following getaway. If you are short on time, our hunting and also exploring Peloponnese Tours from Methoni is an excellent way to see every little thing this spectacular location needs to offer.And finally, your Kri Kri ibex trophy is waiting for you.

Where you can hunting Kri Kri Ibex in Greece ?

The Kri Kri ibex population is safeguarded on the two uninhabited islands by the state organisation Dasaiheo. In September, the decision is made whether or not to allow the hunting of Kri Kri ibex based on the population and health status. Currently, the only method to hunt for Kri Kri ibex is with a shotgun. The hunt is not physically demanding, and it offers an excellent hunting and tourism experience at the end of the Greek tourist season. The last few years’ average trophy size has been quite high, with nearly 90 percent of trophies earning medals and more than 50 percent earning gold medals.

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